Lent Day 12

Day 12 Sunday March 1 – [S] Pick up litter outside your house or at a park

RO: This week: Pray for the grace to be able to see God. To be able to see Jesus differently. This transfiguration isn’t just for Peter, James, and John or Moses and Elijah but it’s for us – it’s for you. That you’re able to see Jesus, see God, in a different manner.  

Genesis 22: 1-2, 9A, 10-13, 15-18

“Do not lay your hand on the boy,” said the messenger. “Do not do the least thing to him. I know now how devoted you are to God,  since you did not withhold from me your own beloved son.”

Romans 8: 31B-34

If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare his own Son but handed him over for us all, how will he not also give us everything else along with him?

Mark 9: 2-10

“This is my beloved Son. Listen to him.”

This one (“Pick up litter outside”) made me laugh. It is winter. It snowed 3 inches overnight. I could go outside looking for litter but I would not be able to find it. I laughingly mentioned to my husband three times to day: “Now about that litter I need to find…”

I even attempted to think of an alternative thing to do. I came up with nothing. That is so sad. Here I am in the midst of all this “Put God First. Remember how much Jesus has suffered for you.” time and my own brain couldn’t come up with a single good thing to do. But I also think it was laziness. I could have come up with something. Heck I could have looked at the Lenten Calendar and picked a random thing to do and done it…. That’s not a bad idea actually [time lapse 5 minutes while I review the calendar to pick something to do… and I’m back.] … Wow, can I admit I mostly just read everything and was like “What?! ‘No TV or screens today’ again! Ugh.” and that distracted me so much I didn’t actually pick anything?

Barring any good insight, prayer, or deed I will leave you with this analogy that I told Ryan and to which he said “That doesn’t even make sense”:

The litter on the ground is like the sins on our soul. We need to go and pick the litter up. And the snow is like what people see – they can’t see the litter.

So trying to perhaps more fully explain what I mean (which I didn’t attempt to do for Ryan since he didn’t like my analogy in the first place):

Litter = Sins

The Ground = My soul

Picking up the litter = Going to confession

Snow = Outward appearances

So in plainer words: By going to confession we remove the sins from our souls.

The snow is what other people see and/or what we can make ourselves appear to be to others — nice and perfect and holy. But we know that really we are covered in litter, they just can’t see it. But God can see all of our litter, and he wants us to pick it up and litter no more.

So assuming that everyone else also thinks it is a terrible analogy I will leave you with a prayer I wrote in my prayer journal in March 2014:

Heavenly Father, forgive me my sins. Forgive me my weakness. Forgive me for my unexplainable inability to follow you fully. Do not give up on me. Please keep me near you and help me to live properly so that I may be near you always. Help me to love you, not for a moment or when I remember. But always – at all times, in all places, now and forever. Amen.

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