About GGYY

This site documents snippets of my faith journey. As God calls me closer to Him He calls me to share Him with others. And since He asked I will try to humbly follow where it is he asks me to go.

God calls us to actively choose Him in all things – Don’t think of decisions as whether or not you will say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to God instead approach life as though you have an endless supply of ‘Yeses’ that you are ready and able to give to God. When God asks something of you, are you ready to “Give God Your Yes”?

I’m glad you’re here.

-Mo Macel

Reach me at givegodyouryes[at]gmail.com


Mo is just a typical person who is journeying through life aiming to celebrate the victories, survive the defeats, and enjoy the adventures.


What I say to you in darkness 

speak in the light, says the Lord;

what you hear whispered

proclaim on the housetops.

-Matthew 10:27


I retain the copyright and intellectual copyright for the original content within this website. For all content that is not my own I have cited and/or link to the third party source. All photos within this website are my own; copyright reserved. 

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