I hope my words can help inspire your prayer life or communal life in some way, but in no way does this GGYY site compare to these amazing Catholic Resources which you should definitely consult:

thewildgoose Fr. Dave Pivonka online video mini-series about the Holy Spirit. Great spiritual and visual content.

redeemed-online Great for Giving God Your “Yes” in just 3-5 minute increments. Short videos of knowledgeable speakers speaking about real life struggles or offering insights into a Scripture verse and then challenging you to do something (pray, think, do). Or connect with them on Facebook.

dynamiccatholic Free books and affordable bulk prices to make it easy for you to grow your personal faith and to start easily sharing it with others. Find a good book? Why not buy it for 6 of your friends? (I do this all the time.)

WAOB_11b.png We Are One Body In Truth and In Prayer radio station in Latrobe, Pennsylvania that “holds a microphone up to St. Peter’s Basilica”. The broadcast is also streamed online. Mass is said daily at 11am. Also check out Fr. Boniface Hicks‘ site because he has incredible “monastic musings”.

usccb United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have many resources and the daily readings. Check out the audio page too.

wau In 2016 I subscribed to The Word Among Us plus the Daily Mass Readings and I love having a print copy of the daily readings and some reflections to read. Spending $35 on it felt hard at the time (not sure why really) but for a 1 year subscription it is more than worth it!

frjoe Fr. Joe Freedy A 1 hour talk that plays like a highlight reel of numerous talks I have heard him give. It is funny, inspirational, educational, and engaging! (Don’t give up when you start this if you don’t enjoy the singing; just skip ahead to the 2:15 mark to get past the opening song.) Dave VanVickle is the Director of Evangelization at St. Bonaventure Parish and a national Catholic speaker. I’ve heard him described as “so charismatic” in terms of personality but since he is also “Charismatic” it is a fitting descriptor.

image Dave VanVickle and Fr. Joe Freedy team up to spread the Gospel message throughout Pittsburgh – thru “Awaken” events and Parish Evangelization – utilizing the “4 Ms” – Music. Message. Ministry. Mission.


Other Things:

gloryrunners My sister Bridgette was running a 10K in 2014 and was inspired to make t-shirts for people so they can run and give glory to God. This is what inspired my “Run for the Glory” song.