Lent Day 3

Day 3 February 20 – [S] Make a card for someone who needs it

RO: Evaluate our lives and see how we may have drifted away from God. // Repent // You are created for more; turn back to the Truth. // Stop trying to live by my own rules, and learn what are the rules of God and what are the ways He wants me to live. // The way we treat each other is also the way we tend to treat God. // Turn back to Him in humility.

Isaiah 58: 1-9A

This, rather, is the fasting that I wish: releasing those bound unjustly, untying the thongs of the yoke; Setting free the oppressed, breaking every yoke; Sharing your bread with the hungry, sheltering the oppressed and the homeless; Clothing the naked when you see them, and not turning your back on your own.

I spent all day not actually knowing what the activity for the day was. When I sat down at night, after a full day of working and being with Nora I regretted having not read it sooner. “Make a card for someone who needs it.” Reason 1: There are plenty of people I am sure would love to receive a card, but I should take time to reflect on who that one recipient will be – who is it that really needs one? Reason 2: Nora could have helped make the card, but now she is asleep. Reason 3: I need time to prepare to write a card. Once I figure out who it is for, that is.

When I saw this one originally on the calendar I thought a few things. Thought 1: What a nice idea! Thought 2: I shouldn’t need a calendar to tell me to write a card for someone. This is something I could do any time. Thought 3: How sad it is to know that the only time I will do this is now (because let’s be honest). And sad because a calendar told me to and not that I thought of doing it myself.

Even though it will be a day late in the making I will make that card and Nora and I will mail it tomorrow.

Who needs a card? Well this is limited by people whose addresses I have or could otherwise courier it through. … I think I have it: Best college-friend’s sister and her baby. Or maybe Nora’s Great-Grandma. Or maybe my boss and her family. Or maybe my sister who is at college. Or maybe my uncle who lives in California. …ok so maybe I don’t have it quite yet.

As I was trying to think of someone I remembered a thought I once had but never did — perhaps this will inspire me to do it (eh, let’s be honest, probably not). The thought: Message each one of my friends on Facebook – pick a few each week/each month and write them a personal note. Reconnect. A few reasons why this likely won’t happen. Reason 1: I haven’t yet gotten around to it yet despite having thought of it months ago. Reason 2: I have been trying (and succeeding) at staying off of Facebook for longer than 5 minutes at a time every few days. Better not risk regression. Reason 3: I would likely need to spend a paragraph explaining why I was messaging them – and that thought makes me sad. Because if we are really truly friends I should be able to just send them a note without explaining why I was doing it.

…Speaking of turning back to things, sorry, I appear to have gotten a touch off track there. So let’s get at least one good reflection in on Isaiah 58 and the message from RedeemedOnline. What God wants from us is clearly listed, in plain text, right in front of our faces. So why is it so hard to do what he wants us to do? “Share your bread with the hungry.” – I could do more of this. I am thankful later on this Lent the calendar has me getting a few things together for a food pantry. But that loops me back to feeling sad – (1) I put off things to tomorrow that should be done today, (2) I could do more for others but just don’t, (3) Even when someone tells me how to live for the Lord I still fail. What a great opportunity for me – I need to learn how to turn back to Him in humility.

(There is so much “I” in this. Which is a flaw of mine. I do focus on me way too much (what’s that again about me not being the center of everything but He being it?)…

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