Lent Day 32

Day 32 Saturday March 21 – [F] Eat very simple meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

RO: You have a soul and that is the thing that God values in you. He values all parts of you, but He values your soul the most. Do you ever think about what your soul can do for you? // Get in touch with your soul because that is the thing that God wants to get in touch with you. // God desires and loves us so much that he will even get rid of the biggest stumbling block – death itself. // Human death will not stop Him from loving you. // The equation is Jesus – Jesus has to be that bridge between death and eternal life. Get in touch with your soul and let Jesus enter more deeply into your soul. Because if He is there you might die on earth but in Jesus you will have eternal life.

Jeremiah 11: 18-20

searcher of mind and heart

John 7: 40-53

Never before has anyone spoken like this man.

I saw God in a piece of bread yesterday.

Let me explain what I mean:

I was at the St. Bernard Fish Fry with Bridgette, Dan, a friend of a friend who I just happened to run into, and someone Bridgette just met a few days ago.

As I put my styrofoam plate down onto the table it cracked and sent my roll rolling to the floor. I hadn’t planned on eating it since I hadn’t gotten anything that would go on the bread (I really don’t know why I was given bread). And so it wasn’t disappointing that it fell onto the floor.

I was about to throw it away and then I thought that Nora would like to feed the birds with it so I put it in my pocket. Later on during our conversation I jokingly offered Dan my pocket bread and took it out of my pocket to give it to him.

This person that Bridgette just recently met hadn’t eaten his food, and Bridgette asked if anything was wrong. He didn’t quite know how to explain why he wasn’t eating, but since I had recently shown that I had pocket bread he was able to say that “Like her I will put it in my pocket and take it home.” After that Dan offered up his to-go box and that was that.

But in thinking back on it he had seemed a bit uneasy and perhaps was trying to figure out how to inconspicuously not eat his fish and get it into pocket without us really noticing. But since there were four of us there it was kind of difficult to do either of those things.

And that is why I saw God in a piece of bread – All of this happening was meant to put this person at ease.

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