Lent Day 41+

Day 41 Monday March 30 – [F] No desserts or treats today

Day 42 Tuesday March 31 – [S] Buy dog or cat food for an animal shelter (deliver on Saturday)

Today I will just convey a message from Bishop Zubik which was a message of God’s mercy. His homily was about forgiving others – showing them the same mercy that God shows us. And to always remember that because Jesus died on the cross for us he took on our sins and gained us God’s forgiveness. Through Jesus our sins are “Forgiven. Forgotten. Forever.”. With this message Bishop Zubik stressed: “Hear it. Believe it. Embrace it.”

Day 43 Wednesday April 1 – [P] Kindness

Day 44 Holy Thursday April 2 – [F] No TV or screens today

Hospital #1

Day 45 Good Friday April 3 – [S] Plant a tree or flowers

Hospital #1 continued

Day 46 Holy Saturday April 4 – [S] Deliver animal items

Hospital #2

Day 47 Easter Sunday April 5 – [P] Resurrection

Over the last week we were in and out of the hospital 3x with Nora…. I meant to eventually get around to writing reflections but I never did. I wanted my Holy Week reflections to be so perfect for Holy Week, but that all got tossed to the wayside as we focused on our little bean and prayer.

I hope that everyone had a Blessed Easter! We did! – All we wanted was to have Nora healthy enough to go to mass with my family and we were able to! (PS. She is better now, just had a terrible bout of croup.)


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