Pre-Show Note: I signed up for my first craft show and it will be at St. Bonaventure November 5, 2016. I am excited and also working to figure out what exactly I will craft. This page is dedicated to some photos of those crafty things I am working on for my “Give God Your Yes” table.

Post Show Follow-up: It was a great day of discovering all the things God did with this “Yes”. And I believe some are still unfolding. God does amazing things if you let Him!

Craft #1: Hand whittled crosses in a tree slice base
Craft #2: Fabric Crosses
Craft #3: 5×7 Paintings [8×10 matted] – mainly of Sacred Hearts and Immaculate Hearts and other “faithy” things.
Craft #4: Hanging Wall Crosses – stick version
Craft #5: Hanging Wall Crosses – double-layer wood with wood burning version
Craft #6: 5×7 Photographic Prints [8×10 matted] – and my display stand shows all prints available in mini = cute!
Craft #7: My Coloring/Story Book – of super awesome stories written and illustrated by me




11/2016: I did a craft show in Beechview around the holidays. Lots of nice convos and food, but very little sales. See this post: I’m not a great salesperson but that’s okay when what I’m selling is Jesus

8/29/2017: I signed up for the St. Camillus craft show September 9. Not sure why I felt to sign up seeing that it is very far away from my house — other than God is calling me there that day. Looking forward to seeing what happens! …And I don’t have any new crafts so mainly it will be selling photographs & story/coloring books & the few crafts I am willing to part with. On the plus side I made a display stand: