Short Prayers


Since starting my “prayer journal” in 2012 I have written several short prayers. Here are some:

Dear God, When I open up my heart and let you in I feel such happiness. So why do I ever block you out?


Lord, Help me center my life. Help me to center myself around you.


Dear God, Please do not let me get in the way of me doing what you want me to do.


Holy Spirit, Help me find the words to speak and guide me in what to do. Help me to use my actions and words as God wants me to. Amen.


Dear God, How many times have I thought about writing to you and praying to you and I just haven’t? Why is that?


Dear God, Help me to better see and understand the path you want me to choose. Help me to look beyond fear; give me strength and ability to trust in you. Show me the way dearest God so that I may follow. I love you. I trust you. Please help me to trust myself so that my eyes, my ears, and my heart are open to your love and guidance. Amen.


Dear God, Please grant me peace of mind and peace of heart. Amen.


Dear Lord, Thank you for dying for me. Help me to live for you.


Dear God, Please give me the strength, energy, and ability to face this day.


Dear God, What am I called to do for you? May I recognize it when you show it to me. May I be trusting enough to follow where you lead. May I let you work in me and thru me – fully, without reservation. Amen.


Mary, Mother of God – Intercede for me in my time of need. I ask for a loving embrace. Hold me close. Comfort me. I know I must have patience. All things in God’s time, not my own. I trust in you. (Though sometimes I pray/say that as though it is a question “I trust in you?”. It is hard to turn my longings over to you and the Father and place it in your hands. To have that complete trust.) May I remember that I am a servant of and for the Lord, your Son. Let me remember “Thy will be done” not my own. And grant me the peace to not worry but patiently wait. Amen.


Lord, be in my heart just as my heart is in you.


Lord, I am not worthy to receive you but please forgive me my sins and heal my soul.

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