Perception vs Reality

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Today the sun beamed bright – like clear summer day bright. From inside my office it looked like the perfect day to walk outside and be warmed by the sun. But actually being outside was a different matter. The wind cut sharply and the warmth generated by the sun only warmed it up to the upper 40s. It was incredibly misleading – the perception of the day versus its reality.


But does this day not sound familiar to our life experience? We can see a person who is smiling and happy on the outside and yet the soul within is likely experiencing such inner torment and tumult. When we see their appearance we perceive them to have a soul that matches the exterior. But only by interacting with that person do we learn of their spiritual, mental, physical reality.


So what did this remind me of today? Perceptions are just that – what is perceived. They do not necessarily reflect the reality. And so knowing this I am called to do something to help that person – be it with a smile, a conversation, a prayer, or whatever it is the Holy Spirit leads me to do. But what I cannot do is just ignore it.


And also: How many times am I that person? If I find myself with a disquieted soul I need to acknowledge that that is my reality. No amount of feigned emotion or telling myself I am okay when I really am not is going to help me be okay. I need to recognize it and admit it so that I can do something about it. Through prayer, centering myself on God, and let my mind and heart be focused on God and His love for me I will quiet that internal storm.
Were that every day were a bright sunny warm day both inside and out – What joy would there be in this world! Let us work to get close to God to live in His light and warmth and let us help others to become closer as well.

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