Am I Wilting?

There was a vase of flowers on the altar full of white lilies. But one sad looking lily was bent over, drooping down.

But what was beautiful about that bent over flower is that – while it was weak and bent over it was still in the vase with all of the other flowers. I wanted to pick the flower up and prop it against a stronger stem — let a stronger one offer support to the weaker.

Sometimes in our lives our faith can be like that – We aren’t sure if we are following God well. We perhaps aren’t trying or remembering to try. We may be struggling to just “keep up” that we don’t see ourselves falling down and slowly wilting.

But a blessing in life that that you don’t have to struggle on your own or rely on yourself to lift you back up — or to even recognize that you are wilting and need support. God gives you a community to help you when you are weak. Be that a spouse, a good friend, family or your faith community — there are people who are willing to lift you up and be your support until you are strong enough to stand on your own again.

Sometimes I am the little flower, bent over in weakness. Sometimes I am a strong flower called to recognize those around me who are wilting and offer them my strength and provide support.


I went to take a picture of this vase, but a Capuchin was close by in prayer and I didn’t want to disturb him then the next day that flower was gone. 😦 …I like to think that someone decided to prop that flower up rather than remove it.


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