Locked Room – Part II

Today was Divine Mercy Sunday. Today’s Gospel reading JN 20:19-31 is one I have reflected on previously (see The Locked Room) so basically I just want to re-examine that thought:

  1. Jesus can enter into our presence anywhere, anytime. Even if we think we are locked away.
  2. Jesus comes in PEACE.  Not in intimidation. Not in judgment. But in peace. He comes with MERCY. Jesus does not say to fear Him or that we must obey Him, but instead he offers to us: “Peace be with you.”
  3. Jesus seeks us out. How often are we like Thomas- seeking proof beyond faith? Jesus knew Thomas’ thoughts and returned again to the locked room, immediately calling upon Thomas to feel the proof with his hands that he couldn’t feel with his heart. Jesus wanted Thomas’ belief — “do not be unbelieving, but believe”. Jesus wants you to have faith in Him. But Jesus also seeks us out to help us have that faith.
  4. Jesus entered the locked room of the disciples and spoke to them, but in that moment He also took the time to speak to me. He calls me to have faith.   Jesus said to him, “Have you come to believe because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.” I may not get to see Jesus or touch the wounds of His Passion. But I am called to have faith in Him and believe that in Him all things are possible.  …Who can enter a locked room but for God?

A physical room is physically locked. For anyone to enter they must either knock and be allowed to enter or they must break down the door. Except for God. He can just come into the room. He can come and be present where you are present. But you still need to see Him — and for that it takes faith. Do you see Him there standing with you?

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