Patience is a virtue …which I don’t have

When I’m feeling impatient I try to remember that “Patience is a virtue“. But 9 out of 10 times I have to tack on the “…which I don’t have” because I fail to have any modicum of what one would call “patience”.

I do try to have patience — or at least I remember I’m supposed to have patience. Some days I have to take the solace in the fact I at least knew I was supposed to be more patient than I actually was.

Mass last Sunday Fr. Tom Sparacino suggested that instead of just doing something for Lent what if we did something different for Lent? Wouldn’t it be something if every thought, act, deed you did through out Lent is meant to Glorify God? Such as, when driving and someone cuts you off, instead of saying what you want to say to them instead you say “Glory to God! Alleluia! Come on in! …And bring your friends too!”

While worth a chuckle it also is worth reflecting upon.

And so I did reflect, frequently, during my drive into work today –Ash Wednesday –upon having just left mass. I am sad to say that I was getting angry at almost everybody — Because they deserved my anger?  No, because I am impatient!! 

To provide a better look at what my impatience was like – say I gave $0.10 to charity each time I got upset by the time I got to work I would have to donate $2.00! [I was doing some on-the-drive math and was like “Goodness – I couldn’t afford to donate $0.25 each time I got mad! It’d have to be more like 10 cents!”]   — And this is coming out of mass! And on Ash Wednesday! [giant shocked-eyes emoji]

Here are some things that get me upset when driving…

  1. When the other car thinks they are more important than me
  2. When the other car thinks they are more important than some other car
  3. When the other car thinks they are more important than everyone else

There is a “Me First!” concept which I think we all struggle with. If I get upset because I feel like it is an affront to me then I am thinking I should be first, which isn’t the best. But there is also the concept of right and wrong which I think we all have. If I get upset because I feel like it is an affront to someone else at least I am in a way thinking of others (right?)   We should all be equals – we all should do the right thing — and I think that is what upsets me most –when people think their “more important” than you and go “me first”.

We should realize this because it is “God First” which should rule our days, our decisions, and our reactions — We need to know that we are never first, no matter how much we love ourselves. We have to strive for the ideal! And we have to remember that God calls us to be patient with others and with ourselves.  


Sorry that this is disjointed… it kind of ended up as a mash up of several thoughts… but that’s the best I can do today as I am on my lunch break and people keep asking me to do work while I tried to write this…. *deep breath* I am practicing my practicing of having patience. 




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