Love from Different Angles

On Saturday I went down and out with the flu. Literally down and out, laying down on the couch or bed for 2 days/nights straight and spending 99% of it sleeping.

It took hours to motivate myself to sit up for any reason. I usually try sending mental messages to my husband “Check on me.” “Ask me if I need anything.” “Offer to help me up.” But those never work.

Ryan isn’t sentimental in anyway or overly affectionate. But that’s okay because I knew all that before I married him. Sure, I’d love more sentimentality out of him. Sure, I’d love to be pampered in any fashion from time to time –and particularly when I’m sick. But that’s just not gonna happen. I’m “okay” with it… other than when I’m feeling wretched and really could use help sitting up.

But also, all those statements aren’t fair to him. Because Ryan is affectionate. Just in a different way. He went to the store and bought me Pedialyte. He bought me graham crackers. And something more important – He took care of Nora and the house for 2 whole days while I was useless.

Every meal. Every washed dish. Everything Nora needed. Ryan was there doing it all. And in many ways this is a more beautiful act of love than any “Can I get you anything?”.

While all that was happening (or not happening) Nora was there. She has the sweetest heart. She came and snuggled with me -even though I didn’t want her to get sick I couldn’t turn away a snuggle! She made a bowl of several types of chocolate and tried to force feed me it. She also tried to force me to take my vitamins and supplements – and didn’t understand why I refused (so she kept the pill container beside my pillow just in case). She also is only 6 so at some point she poked me with the end of an umbrella just for fun  – which may have been an act of love?

So on one hand I am surrounded by love displayed in a very obvious loving way and on the other hand I am surrounded by love displayed in a not so obvious way. But in the end it’s all love. It’s just love from different angles. 

When I got out of my flu daze I saw Ryan and said “Oh no! It sounds like you’re coming down with what I had!” He turned to me and said, “I’ve had it since Saturday.” Oh. Wow. Now that is LOVE!  Because he could have been just like me and useless for 2 days, but he was the stronger one, the more loving one, the one who was able to suck it up because we needed him to. He loved us from his angle of love and I’m so grateful for it!

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