Be Someone’s Moment of Grace

I was listening to WAOB today and they had a segment from Bishop David Zubik (of Pittsburgh). He was telling a story about going to Philly to see Pope Francis and how when people realized he was a bishop they kept coming up to him and saying “I probably won’t meet the Pope. You’re the next best thing. Can you pray for me for [X]?” Bishop Zubik got to share a moment and bring God’s grace to each of these people.

Later, Bishop Zubik said, the Pope asked for prayers and if someone didn’t feel capable of praying that they should offer him their “good wishes”. Bishop Zubik found that request to be so deep – that the Pope surely inspired people in the crowd who weren’t religious or felt like they were able to pray — the Pope called them to still share in the prayer as best they could. Bishop Zubik believes that in that moment people may have experienced their first moment of grace – opening the door for a closer relationship with God.

At the end of his story Bishop Zubik called each of us to be present to others – because in being there God might just be calling you to be someone’s moment of grace.

“Be Someone’s Moment of Grace” – How beautiful! I need to print that out, look at it every day, and work at it til I seamlessly am able to recognize those opportunities where God is calling me to be someone’s moment of grace.



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