Write a Poem About: Anxiety

Secretly it creeps in,
It hides under the bed.
It lies in wait, just for you
to try to rest your head.

You feel a calm, a sweet relief
You breathe in nice and deep.
It hears your exhale; clings to it.
It comes out so you can’t sleep.

In the dark it stands there
ominously by.
Its whispers grow louder
as it worms into your mind.

You push it back, you fight it
it laughs while you try.
It knows you are defenseless
You know it too and sigh.

Heart races, chest feels tight
Your breath is short and quick.
It climbs on you. It pins you down.
You try to punch and kick.

But all too soon you tire
You succumb to its attack.
You like awake in panic
too anxious to fight back.

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