Thoughts on Nature in Autumn

Just taking some moments to share my latest thoughts on how beautifully God made this world…

Have you ever noticed that as Summer starts to fade to Fall the nuts and seeds fall from the trees?

Have you ever noticed these nuts and seeds come down first? That before the leaves start to fall the seeds for new life fall?

Have you ever noticed how these nuts and seeds feed the squirrels who are readying themselves for Winter, or they feed the birds, or they are ones that simply remain on the ground wherever gravity or the wind has carried them?

Have you ever noticed the timing of the leaves that fall? Have you ever noticed that a few weeks after the nuts and seeds are on the ground the leaves start to fall and envelope them? The animals have had a chance to gather/feed first – how it’s nature nurturing nature.

Have you ever noticed the beauty of the fact that all the leaves fall and cover over all those remaining nuts and seeds to give them protection from the upcoming snow?

Have you ever thought about how that blanket of leaves also serve as decomposing-but-life-giving nutrition for those nuts and seeds when Spring comes and the seeds start to germinate to life?

Have you ever lamented that the leaves have fallen and everything is dead and gray all Winter long? But have you ever thought that if this weren’t to be then there wouldn’t be such a rich, green Spring which shortly follows?

How intricate all of this nature is that is around us whether we notice its intricacies or not.

How beautifully designed! How incomprehensible all the webs of life and death and dependence that God has woven into this world.

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