Decisions & Discernment

That for which I have prayed for years is here

And yet I struggle to detach

from the current to the future

It is change. And change is hard.

Even when the change is longed for, desired

The moment comes when one must make the clear choice;

To pick one way.

Which way is the correct way?

What path does God want me on?

I have read that:

When both choices are good and would bring glory to God

Pick the one that gives Him greater glory.

The choice is then clear; I think.

So why is it so hard to affirm that choice

To say “This one is what I choose”?

To select the one path forward.

It could be possible to have both,

but in having both you achieve neither fully.

You sacrifice some of both to receive a bit of both.

Can one give proper glory to God by picking both

and having pieces of both as opposed to the whole of one?

Or must one dive in to one choice fully

for full glory to be given to God?

Which is the way He wants me to go?

I pray. I think. I listen.

I choose.

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