Write the Poem: A Surprise (“Wait to See”)


Six longing years
of hopes for pregnancy
dashed cyclically.
The ebb of emotions up,
the flow of disappointment.

Try this. Try that.
Wait to see.
And wait. And wait.
Failure at every step.
“Unexplained infertility”
forced a new approach.
Chart. Plan.
Test this. Test that.
“This is not normal”
was a relief to hear.
The body was all the wrong things
for trying to conceive.
Supplements. Vitamins.
Wait to see.
And wait. And wait.
Surgery. Recovery.
Wait to see.
And wait. And wait.
And take this medicine too.

And wait so long that you forget the longing.
You push it off or down or somewhere,
somewhere beyond the grasp of disappointment.
So far away that you accept
the reality that is
instead of the hoped for isn’t.

But then one day you find
the new cycle was to have started by now
but it hasn’t.
You dig deep into the drawer.
You dust off the expired pregancy test.
Within minutes you find evidence
of the impossible turning possible.
Two pink lines make you think
you are seeing things.

You go to the store,
buying a new test
to test again to be sure.
You keep excitement at bay
for a new eternity of three minutes.
Wait to see.
And wait. And wait.
Two pink lines appear.
The little stick unemotionally states
in color-coded lines:

Your mind processes thru disbelief:
“I’m pregnant?”
Within moments
your mind melts your hardened heart;
your heart releases your repressed mind.
The two shout together:
“I’m pregnant!”
Rejoicing in the unexpected gift
after six long years of longing
You collapse in thanksgiving.

Then once again you wait,
but this time in eager anticipation.

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