The Birthday Choice

These last few weeks I’ve been ready to go — ready to give birth to this baby who I thought would be here by now. It was likely wishful thinking since she isn’t technically due until 4/17 — but I really thought she’d be nice and early.

I picked out some date options for her — 4/1, 4/3/21 (I mean that date’s perfect!!), 4/4, 4/8, 4/9, 4/12. But she was having none of it. It’s like she wants to pick her own birthday or something. And rightly so.

What God has in store for her is her life, not mine. Sure I’ll be there to shape it and guide it and in other ways “control” it. But she is her own person. So she has me practicing motherly patience already as I eagerly await her official and formal entry into this world.

I can’t wait to hold her tiny hands, kiss her precious face, and call her by her name as I hold her in my arms.

She will come when she is ready, on the day God wants her to be born. And her birth day will be perfect no matter what date it falls on.

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