I will wake the dawn Psalm 57:9

The daily mass readings for May 7 included Psalm 57.

“My heart is steadfast, O God; my heart is steadfast; I will sing and chant praise. Awake, O my soul; awake, lyre and harp! I will wake the dawn. I will give thanks to you…”

Lines of the psalms can often be understated or overlooked. Or at least that’s how I sometimes feel about them as I read thru them. I enjoy the Psalms and many strike me with their beauty and power. But as I read thru this Psalm this time I felt like the power in the verse was hiding in plain sight.

It didn’t shout its greatness. It didn’t say “Look at me!”. It just hid itself simply and plainly in half of a verse.

But there is nothing plain about it.

“I will wake the dawn.” Think about it! I will wake the new day!

Thanking God before the dawn comes – I am there and singing God’s praise. I am in the darkness, but I know the dawn will come. The sun will rise and a new day will start – I have hope in the better day because I have faith in God and trust in Him. He will bring me out of the darkness. And before He does I already will be praising Him and thanking Him for it. And when He does I will be so joyous in my thanks that it will be loud and full and enough to wake the world.

I don’t wait until the dawn arrives to start praising and thanking God. I thank Him now.

I thank Him so much that all of my being – heart and soul – is awake and praising Him.

And rightly so! This is how it should be. God is great. The greatest. Even though I may be in darkness I should always keep a steadfast heart and remember God’s glory. Can that be tough at times? Definitely. But because God is God I must persevere in my praise for God being God. “For your mercy towers to the heavens, and your faithfulness to the skies.”

May I never succumb to the darkness. May I always remember your glory O God. May my soul forever remain awake and steadfast. Should I forget then let it be for only a moment. May I live each day praising you so fully that I wake the dawn. Amen.

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