Challenge Month: Day 12 (verses for trying times)

Day 12 = September 12

Psalm 116 “I love the Lord because he has heard my voice in supplication, because he has inclined his ear to me the day I called.”

I have sometimes sought out helpful Psalms for trying times. And there are some that exist. But usually they feel applicable for only a few verses; they are only partially appropriate to a state or desire. …With usually it ending that the Lord heard your prayer and has saved you.

Which, of course, is all well and good. But when you’re in the middle of something it is difficult to read those bits. It is hard to read it with an open ear and mind and believe that He is listening; that you will make it thru the difficulty. But the Word should be reassuring — even if I don’t feel Him hearing my prayer and responding He indeed does.

Sometimes I feel stuck on ones which reflect my current state, like “I fell into distress and sorrow, and I called upon the name of the Lord, ‘O Lord, save my life!’ … I was brought low”. But I need to remember to read around the part that I currently/momentarily identify with for the parts that reveal the reassurance He offers me at all times. “Gracious is the Lord and just; yes, our God is merciful. The Lord keeps the little ones; I was brought low, and he saved me.”

I need to trust that even if I don’t feel like He has inclined His ear to me the day I called (because maybe it is taking many, many days) that He will keep me and be just and merciful. I just need to have faith that “I shall walk before the Lord in the land of the living”. Whether it is a promise He will keep within my lifetime or within/for eternity that’s for Him to know. I just need to not get bogged down by any current difficulty and keep my sights set higher.

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