30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Day 7 (Jesus, I trust in you)

30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Day 7

Do anxieties about situations you can’t control keep you awake? Tonight, pray the words, “Jesus, I trust in you” until you fall asleep. Give the problem to God.

Of course I get anxieties that pop up and keep me awake that are more serious than this one, but since this one just happened I will share it. It’s a lighthearted one — I woke in the middle of the night to nurse Ruthie and then since I was up I started to work on a Sudoku. Well that just amped up my brain and woke me up. I then got so anxious that I wouldn’t be able to fall back to sleep and then that kept me awake!

I remembered to pray “Jesus, I trust in you” but I said it only once. It seemed silly to pray over this when I (and others) have so many real anxieties.

But in the light of day here I will say I know I shouldn’t minimize my needs and that it isn’t silly to pray over such things. This was something which was a real concern for me at the time and so it was only right to pray about it!!

…I know this is just a challenge but I feel like I have to do some penance for my actions (aka lack of action!) now and pray “Jesus, I trust in you” about 1000 times…. I’m thinking that’s probably the Catholic guilt in me speaking haha. 🙂

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