30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Day 12 (notice your blessings)

30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Day 12

Are you too stressed to notice your blessings? Today, notice the little things: hot coffee; a call from a loved one; fall leaves; a warm bed.

I am not stressed per se, but I definitely am distracted — constantly thinking about what I need to do, what I should do, and also trying to remember what those things are. It can be pretty easy to forget to notice the little things when I’m so distracted.

Now I do think I do an okay job typically in thanking God for things — like when the sun was out today and it makes me happy and I shout “Thank you God for this beautiful day!”. But it was definitely tied to my feeling of happiness, rather than a reflection on my blessings.

If I really stop and focus on my blessings I would be able to go on forever. God has given me such a blessed life! Even in the hard times, or distracted times, the blessings are there.

Today I had just one cup of yesterday’s coffee, made a fresh pot, and was excited that I would have hot coffee (I had this thought even before I got today’s challenge text — but I didn’t phrase my thinking as a blessing, but instead I was just like “hot coffee. yay!”+happiness)

Today I spent my whole day while Nora was at school taking care of and playing with Ruth

Today after Nora came home from school we all went to the park so that Ryan could push Ruth on the swings — because Ruth loves the swings and he wanted to see her joy.

Today Nora and Ruth took a bath together and they just shared joy in each other’s company and I got to enjoy it too

Today Nora and I did our family-based catechesis for nearly 2 hours(!) together. Attending “Mommy’s CCD” is often met with some reluctance but today she was all-in. And it was wonderful. …Though her retention of the knowledge I imparted is likely like 5% which is a little disheartening… BUT still a blessing to be able to talk about it for so long!

Today I bought a Panera salad and enjoyed it. I am blessed to be able to spend $10 on a feeds-just-one-person salad.

Today I read more chapters of James and the Giant Peach to Nora while we snuggled in her bed.

Today I had time to sit down and write a reflection.

Blessings are there, everywhere. Some are big. Some are small. But all are such beautiful gifts from God.

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