30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Day 30 (God’s goodness)

30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Day 30

Thanks for joining our 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge! We hope it has opened your heart to God’s goodness. Share your experience on the diocese’s social media post.

  1. It’s always good to be reminded to open my heart to God and His goodness. This challenge was good for that.
  2. I definitely needed these daily prompts, because even with having them I know a few times I “phoned it in” in that I failed to actually do the challenge properly. I didn’t let myself go “all in” on feeling gratitude. (Why? Busyness? Laziness? Forgetfulness? IDKness?) But some days all you can do is try. And I’ll try to be happy with the effort I did put in while also not settling for it – since God only deserves my best and I didn’t always give Him my best.
  3. Just like the one challenge day to give thanks for something I take for granted – I have taken for granted God’s love and my openness to it. If I don’t work on it there is risk that I may harden my heart without ever realizing it since such a thing happens slowly and in tiny amounts over time. I mean, I don’t mean for that to happen but I think it does. So a month of daily challenges is a great way to fend it off and grow my heart rather than to shrink it!
  4. Part of doing this challenge was self-centered — I wanted to force myself to write more. Well mission accomplished. The “right reason” for doing this challenge would have been all God-focused and to grow closer to Him. I can intellectually know that, but I haven’t yet been able to stop myself from getting in my own way in how I approach my relationship with Him. I need to work on Giving God My Yes better, more, and always.
  5. God is so patient with me. He meets me where I am. And where I am right now is to come at Him from this “doing it for you but also for me” direction. Thank you God for your patience!

So did this challenge open my heart to God’s goodness? Yes! Because how can you not at least see His goodness and love when you pause for even fractions of a second and look for it or think about it? GOD IS SO GOOD! May my heart remain open to His love and goodness and may I always remember that His goodness is always there, even when I am not perfectly attentive to it.

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