Are you in the Light?

At 9pm on a late December Sunday night I stood outside of St. Bonaventure waiting for Ryan and Nora to pick me up after my program was complete. It was an unseasonably warm night and a light rain had just finished misting. I stood on the sidewalk near a lamppost in what looked like it was in the light. “Ryan will see me here,” I thought, since I was in the light. A few moments later I thought to go to the other side of the lamppost and onto the edge of the driveway so that when Ryan did stop it would be easier for him to turn around. I went to the other side and stood and immediately realized that this new spot was where the light was truly shining.

I turned around and looked at my previous spot on the sidewalk, and yes, some light was shining there, but it was a shadowy light because the light first had to get thru some bare branches of a tree to reach it.

Only when I was in the true light did I see that I hadn’t been standing in the best place.

*Lightbulb* and a “Thank you God for that moment.” followed.

On my faith journey I continue to grow towards God, make room for Him, do what He is calling me to do. But I know that where I am and where I can be is the difference between the one side of that lamppost and the other. I am out of the darkness. I am in His light. But I have a ways to go and grow before I come fully into His light. And I am sure that His full light is beautiful, even more than anything I could ever imagine it to be. And I am blessed to know that I want to live in His light – now and forever.

Sometimes God gives you a “Thank you for saying “Yes” to me.” moment. He doesn’t need to remind you that saying “Yes” to Him is what He calls you to do. But He loves you and wants to help you continue to live and grow in the Light and so He shines a little thanks down. I thank God for the moments He gives me thoughts about lampposts and light and how well (or poorly) I am doing what He calls me to do compared to where he is calling me to be.

“Come,” my heart says, “seek his face!” Your face, Lord, do I seek.” – Psalm 27:8

“Lead me in your truth, and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all day long.” – Psalm 25:5

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