1 Sentence Summary: What Really Matters in Life?

I’m going to embarrass my Dad for a minute. OK so maybe as not to embarrass him let’s just say I got an “anonymous” email from a guy named Dad.

He read my “Ashes | Smudge | Love” post and sent me a really sweet email. The text was as follows:

“I look at the cross you made in the back hall and it reminds me of what is important in my life, God, trying to do good, and family. Love you”

My reply to this email was very deep  – it read: “:) love you too”.

But here’s the thing… is there anything else to say? I think my Dad hit the nail on the head to “What really matters in life?”  


  1. God
  2. Trying to do good
  3. Family

And What pervades all those things? LOVE!

So yes “:)” indeed.

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