Twist Off the Lid

Sometimes my heart can feel like it’s a jar with the lid locked on tight. With grace I loosen the lid, just a little bit — turning something over to God, letting Him in.

God works with that opening, however slight. Helping me to steadily untwist the lid off the jar of my heart. The more I twist off the lid and allow myself to be freed from myself and turned over to God the more it loosens and the more I open up.

Lord, you can fill our hearts even if all we give you is the slightest of openings. If we think or feel that our jar is empty you fill it up. We know you won’t force your way in and that we have to turn to you. Let us pray that by your grace we open up to you more and more, in all things and in all ways until that day when we twist off the lid completely, throw it away, and allow you into our whole heart.

Fill up our empty jars so that they are filled with love your love for us. Let us be filled with love for you and the strength to do God’s will in all ways and at all times.

I am but an empty jar,

seeking to be filled.

Let me only seek to be filled

with you, Lord.


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