Glimpses of His Goodness

Every year my office does “Daffodil Days” which raises funds for the American Cancer Society. You can buy individual daffodils, a small pot of them, even daffodil lollipops, or you can donate a “Gift of Hope” to a nursing home or hospital.

Today was the first day I noticed the sign, and the drive ends tomorrow – as today is the last day I was in the office this week it was “now or never”.

As I walked back to my desk I chatted with God.

“Okay God. I would like to give a “Gift of Hope”. If you want me to do this I trust that I will have enough money in my wallet. And I won’t buy that Mr. Yuk shirt that I had just decided I wanted.”

I got back to my desk and scoured my wallet. Now perhaps some people actually carry cash or a check book with them. I am not one of those people. I pulled out all my cash and I was still $1 short.

I scrounged around my backpack and finally, in one of my pockets, lo and behold – the final $1 I needed.

Isn’t it interesting how God gives us glimpses of His goodness? Perhaps I could have had more than enough money ready to go, or the exact right amount right away. But I like how He made me search for it — making me take time to think about how I did place my trust in Him and then got to watch how He came through. 

And so I am so happy and grateful that He allowed me to give a Gift of Hope to someone. I like to think it will brighten their day even more than scrounging up the money for it brightened mine.



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