What’s my ‘thing’? = My Talents!

God has given me so many talents. So many that I do not even know what they all are. But one is writing – both poetry and prose. And photography is something I enjoy whether other people think I take good pictures or not. And I paint. And I build things out of wood or woodburn.

And I am grateful that I finally figured out that this is my “niche”. I often wonder “What is my thing?” You know, some people like owls and so they buy or are given a bunch of owl-themed stuff. Or people like to hike – so they collect nature-themed stuff. Or someone likes mushrooms and gnomes and so every time you see one of those things you think of that person.

I have been oddly envious of these people and their things – especially since I couldn’t figure out mine! 

And then one night while writing my daily reflection, sitting under a wood cross I made, and reading over my Great-Grandfather T.J. Kennedy’s book of poems The Hope of Tomorrow and Other Poems I realized why my thing has been so hard to figure out! It’s because it isn’t a thing but a talent!  

I can’t decorate my house with it. [well, I kind of could and do… but egotistical much?]

I can’t buy it in a store.

I can’t be known as the girl who likes that “thing” and then slowly my house becomes that “thing”.

But what I have is so much better!!

Sure, it’s ephemeral – but isn’t that life? Who needs a “thing” when God has given you the talents to be the creator of the things!

So God has made my thing talents. Neat. I sit in awe of that! I no longer have to needlessly wonder “What is my thing? Seriously, what is it??!!” – Now I get to enjoy that it is of the most peculiar sort — and I love that because God made me wonderfully peculiar!!


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