What will 2019 bring?

Each day of 2018 I read the Word Among Us daily reading and I would jot down a note in my 2018 daily journal — whether a thought I had from the readings, a verse which stood out, or something special which happened that day (faith-wise).

But 2019 is kind of strange so far. The Word Among Us folks didn’t make a 2019 daily journal — and I did some researching for a different one, but couldn’t find one I like. What do I like? One just like the 2018 one I was using!

I just need each day to have a half page reserved for it — so that I can jot down somethings on each day.  But no, no such good replacement is available. (If you know of one please please please tell me!)

So now I am in unchartered waters — I am doing my daily readings. And for Christmas a Secret Santa give I was given was a daily devotional. But now I have no “This day This thought” place to jot things down. I am not sure I like it because I like to write!

I am going to try to trust that I don’t need the journal. That perhaps if I want to write a thought I will find somewhere else to write it (perhaps in one of my other journals). But it feels weird.

Who knows – maybe 2019 will be an insightful year and I will just write amazing blog posts every week instead? Or maybe I will just have a faith-filled but undocumented year? Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll figure out where to write these things down….



Today (1/10/19) I noticed a package by the mailbox. I figured Ryan ordered something so I opened it and to my surprise it was a gift for me from my sister and brother-in-law. And it was a JOURNAL!!!!! Not one with days marked, but still what a thoughtful and unexpected surprise!

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