Write a poem about: Spring – Where art thou Spring?

Where art thou Spring?

Where art thou hope for a fresh beginning?

I search for buds and signs of new life

But tis in vain.

Snow falls, it freezes, any growth turns icy.

Frost covered dreams fade

under the weight of white.

Where art thou tains?

Where art thou warmth with just a touch of chill?

I find just coldness and dry old death.

Is there just permafrost?

No thawing, nothing new.

Just permanent stone cold nothingness?

Where art thou Spring?

Is not a fresh beginning well deserved?

How long must I sit in this in between?

Can’t thou come soon?

I search for buds,

and signs of new life.

I find just coldness and dry old death.

-MKM 4/7/18

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