Write a poem about: Spring

A dormant bulb stirs.

The ground has thawed just enough.

a shot of green

makes a tepid start.

Pushing thru soil

it fights upward

just strong enough to inch progress.

It breaks thru.

Light stregthens the small stalk;

it grows upward still

and thickens, stretches wide.

Taller, fuller, ’til

at last a bud forms deep within.

More light, fresh drops of warm rain

encourage the climb

and as in a blink

it transforms shyness

and reserve

to a bold declaration of self.

Strong, confident,

blooming petals


“Here I am!”

Colorfully splashing thr gray world

into a new birth

of love, light, and hope.

Radiating confidence

and springing life anew.

-MKM 4/7/18

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