Lord I need you now

Lord I need you now.

The world has weighed me down.

My head is full of doubt

and I can’t drown out the sound.


Lord I need you more

Than I ever have before.

My heart is so unsure –

I’m shaken to my core.


Lord I need you here.

Darkness is drawing near.

My soul is full of fear.

I’m starting to grow weary.


I can’t see the light

But I know you’re in it

So stand by my right hand.

Shine down on me.


I can’t see your face

But that’s okay

In your arms is all I need

In your arms I’m freed.


With you here

Holding me close

I find I’m stronger

than I first supposed.

In your arms

I’m safe as can be.

So hold me, hold me, hold me,


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