Spiritual Warfare 101 with Dave VanVickle

My friend Dave VanVickle is an amazing and knowledgeable Catholic whose passion is Spiritual Warfare.

Dave has toured the country speaking to small groups, but God is so good and Dave finally has a chance to share his enthusiasm and expertise with the masses thru videos.church!

I once heard Dave give a talk on “Angels, Demons, Exorcisms and Hauntings” and literally had trouble sleeping for a week. I’m excited to listen to this Spiritual Warfare 101 course and be properly armed for battle!

I’m writing this on May 20, 2019 — for the next two days there is a one-time, limited-time offer to get this Spiritual Warfare 101 course for $60 (use code “REDEEMED”). After that it’s $75. After that the price goes up. — I know it’s going to be totally worth the investment!

From the Videos.Church folks: 

Here’s what you’ll learn inside the course:

# 1 What is the Victory of Jesus Christ over Evil, and how do we experience this victory?

# 2: The Kingdom of Darkness: Who is our adversary, and what are his tactics?

# 3: Who are our Allies in the Battle?

# 4: What are our Weapons for Victory?

# 5.  What does the life of a Spiritual Warrior look like?


All I “axe” is for you to check it out! 🙂

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