Evangelization for Introverts – Every Knee Shall Bow

If you don’t already listen to Dave VanVickle and Michael “Gomer” Gormley’s “Every Knee Shall Bow” Godcast – Do it! Your soul will thank you. They clearly have fun talking with each other, but they also provide practical tips for living a holy life. (Be forewarned: Practical does not mean easy!)

I am so grateful and honored that they fielded my question to them about “Evangelization for Introverts“. Check out the 23:27 mark and listen for 6 minutes. 

Here was my question:

Listener Feedback from Mo

Gomer and Dave “Already Blazing” VanVickle – I love your “Godcast” and while ideally I’d be out there evangelizing others just as energetically and knowledgeably as you two I am an introvert—so anything beyond a 1 on 1 conversation is way outside of my comfort zone.

Your prayerful practical tips are perfect for me, but ones which are human interactive are a massive stretch. The way I would/could evangelize seems vastly different than how you do it. Do you have any evangelization practical tips for introverts?

So far I found God makes me comfortable enough to hold doors and greet people at church events. But I’m mostly comfortable in roles that are behind the scenes. Looking for ideas on how to spread the good news in a way that fits how God made me. Any thoughts? Keep setting the world on fire.


Check out the episode for their suggestions!  …and I’m just feeling all warm-and-fuzzy inside like a cozy sweater over the nice things they had to say! 🙂  

(Also super pumped that they used my term “Godcast”!)


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