A Winter’s Joy

Faces in the window
Press against the frozen glass
“Can we go out and play?”
Their pleading eyes ask

Finally their mother says
“You may go outside.
But be sure to bundle up
And be home before it’s night.”

The children quickly layer up
Coats, gloves, hats, and boots
They’re ready for adventures
In their made-for-cold snowsuits

The snow has fallen all around
It packs up readily
The ease at which it forms
Fills every girl and boy with glee

For all they want is snowballs,
All they want ‘s to sled.
And stay and play forever
With a snowman for a friend.

The children have adventures
Beneath the flakes of white
They play and play and suddenly
There starts a snowball fight

When all is said and over
Angels grace the ground
A snowman waves a “Hello”
The sled’s been ridden down

And up again the sled went
As many times as they could carry
The earth of white has tracks it in
Carved by little ones so merry

And finally, all tuckered out
With cheeks as red as a cherries
With one last throw of a snowball
They head home so weary

Stamping off their snowy boots
Layers get discarded
For home is cozy, comfy
The place for play to be rewarded

As they thaw out
They hear their mother say,
“How was it out there?
How was your day?”

One by one they tell her
Their tales of fun and cold
As hot cocoa warms their hands
A winter’s joy unfolds.

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