The Prayer in the Furnace

The Prayer in the Furnace (Daniel 3: 19-97)

Flames are pouring out of the furnace we’re standing in.
Our enemy’s relentless. Lord, who can stand?
Our hands are bound up, but our hearts are free.
Your servants are before you; withdraw not your mercy.

Will the fire touch us? Burn our bodies full?
We fear it not; however, for it cannot burn our soul.
For our souls burn for one thing – And that’s you O Lord!
They may take our bodies, but they cannot take your Word.

You forsake us not; when surrounded by wicked flame.
With all our hearts we follow you. Do not put us to shame.
We follow, trust, and fear you. We seek your presence here.
Let their strength be broken; let yours be known and feared.

We raise our voices, a hymn of praise – Bless the Lord!
Glorious and holy is your name – Bless the Lord!
You have delivered us from the midst of the burning flame.
Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. Forever bless His name!

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