Grace-Filled Priorities

Today was a rough day at work – Like a “You’ve had this job for 7 years and 1 day and that might be all you get” kind of day. OK, so it wasn’t that dire. But it felt that dire. And I felt like I needed to do all that I could to make it a better day — and that included changing my plans from going to mass during my lunch break to instead staying at my desk in case something came up.

And I was fretting over this fact. It wasn’t a great day, leaving for so long may be an issue, and so should I stay and forget about mass? I could watch one online or something if I needed. Or I could figure out somewhere else to go tonight. …Lots of thoughts quickly swirling and making my quesy stomach all the more upset.

And then God graced me this thought:

Are you really prioritizing your job over God?

When you get to the end of today will you be happy with your choice?

Hmm, well, when you put it that way… How could I possibly not go to church!!

And so when the time came for me to leave I messaged my boss that I was heading to mass. And without hesitation she wrote back “Ok! Enjoy the time away for some grace

I went to mass. I sucked up as much grace as I could. Then I went back to work — and, sure enough, I wasn’t needed at all while I was away. Not only was God the right priority but I also needed Him desperately today — and so I’m glad I chose Him. He helped me get thru the rest of my day and more peacefully be prepared for whatever lies ahead on day 7 years + 2 days.

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