It’s Quarantimes

First, to be clear I’m talking about the Quarantine not the Quran (Koran). But dang, looks like I just stumbled on the best portmanteau… Anyways…

I’d like to focus myself for one minute on one positive thing from this quarantining.

I have gotten to spend so much time with my husband and daughter. This is a beautiful time!

How much of typical daily life pre-quarantine was just go-go-go this thing, that thing, repeat? I wanna say soooo much of it — toooo much of it. 

And I’m not a busybody. I’m a homebody. So right now times are feeling relaxed — that is, if I ignore all the Coronanxiety out there and in my head.

What has really changed from my routine? Running around thinking I needed to do stuff that I don’t really need to do. It’s like a forced time to step back and re-assess things.

And in that re-assessing I am finding that I really enjoy this change of pace. And in fact it still doesn’t feel slow enough. There is so much more that I want to do that I don’t have time to do. Though maybe part of it is that I’m not getting my alone time — and boy do I need my alone time! But it’s just, dare I say it?, it’s just: Nice.

I think we all need Quiet from time to time. These Quarantimes are the perfect times to delve into the quiet — whether that be a quieting of audible sounds, our busyness, or the anxiety in our souls. In the quiet we can better hear God.

If, even for just a moment, we can look past all this craziness happening around us (and maybe even happening to us) and find a way to focus on something positive I think we can each find something to appreciate during these Quarantimes.

So for me that is taking a deep breath in and focusing on enjoying this extra time with Ryan and Nora. Sure is every moment a fairy tale or happiness? Nope. Do we get on each other’s nerves constantly? Yep. But I’m so grateful to have this chance to be each other’s support network, network of love, and just get TO BE with them.

…I hope that makes sense… (also I think my family lost track of me… I was able to write all that without interruption… either that or Nora is up to something she’s not supposed to be doing. I better go check! … or maybe I just wait this out til someone notices I’m “hiding” on the porch…)


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