Together Apart, A Broken Heart

Coronavirus is on my mind. I have been blessed that so far this hasn’t “hit home” with a loved one of mine yet. But the thought of it doing so is pretty unbearable – since people cannot visit with their loved ones and are even unable to have funeral services for them. Today I learned that my sister’s friend’s dad is on a ventilator in a hospital and isn’t looking good for him. My prayers and thoughts are with him and his family.


Together Apart, A Broken Heart

I always thought that when you died
I would be kneeling, right there by your side
But instead in this moment you’re stuck in a room
Me behind glass, looking into your tomb
I stare at you longing to touch your hand,
caress your face, feel your wedding band
To tell you “I love you”, to hear your last breaths
Ventilating in-and-out, fighting off death

I never thought that it would come to this
Separated in life, in death’s shadow eclipse
Forced to stand off, denied final kisses,
Moments alone, final goodbyes, last wishes

Could we just go back in time?
To days before when you were fine?
We were laughing, and smiling, and sitting together
We were worried, sure, but we never thought ever
that all too soon Coronavirus
would ride to her victory and deny us
The life we laid out, dreams of tomorrow
Could we somehow find more life to borrow?
But instead in this moment, your final ones now
We are together apart and I’m wondering how
I’ll face my tomorrow, without you to hold
Missing out on our chance, on our plans to grow old
It isn’t fair this hand we’ve been given
Dealt by a cheater with no respect for the living

So I blow you a kiss, I wave, try to smile
For death he lingers and he’s coming now.
I long to stop him, to keep him at bay
But he’s quick and he’s fierce and today is his day.
So I do all I can, which is only to cry
As I go numb from this distance in our final goodbye.

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