Neighborhood Christmas Decoration Scavenger Hunt

Christmas time truly is the most wonderful time of the year! Many Houses are decorated with lights — and while the world is dark and in wait for the bright joy of Christmas Day these lights shine out and bring cheer, hope, and a sense of community.

My sister Bridgette suggested we do a Neighborhood Christmas Decoration Scavenger Hunt — where we walked around her neighborhood checking off which decorations we saw. It was a joy-filled night complete with laughter, singing carols, and randomly stopping to dance just because.

Whether you walk or drive around this Christmas season to check out the festive sights be sure to bring along this Neighborhood Christmas Decoration Scavenger Hunt. And feel free to sing carols along the way.

Download the PDFs here:

CLASSIC – One Page of Fun:

MODERATE — Two Pages of Fun:

ULTIMATE — Two Pages of Fun + Find each of them 10 times:

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