Challenge Month: Day 2 (don’t miss the Jesus for the fish)

I know I should do my challenge every day, but I feel like I already know I’m gonna be bad at being strict with myself. I need to fight that urge. I need to hunker down and do this daily; not just when I get around to it.

Day 2 – September 2 (…though really September 3…)

Luke 5:1-11 – Jesus tells Simon to cast his net again and they catch so many fish their boats were in danger of sinking. They bring the boats to shore, leave everything, and follow Jesus.

Simon, James, and John are fishermen. Their whole purpose is to fish, catch fish, and sell those fish. It’s all about the fish. So a catch this gigantic would be the best possible day they could ever have — maximum fish = maximum fishing success = “I am a successful person.”

But what do they do when they have their “best day ever”? They leave it all behind.

“When they brought their boats to the shore, they left everything and followed him.” – Luke 5:11

I am so tempted to be like “Yeah yeah yeah of course they would do that. It’s Jesus. They’re gonna go on and be His apostles. Jesus is the Messiah. This all makes sense.” I am tempted to forget that at this moment that isn’t fully known. That they are making this crazy life-changing leap and decision.

And not only that, but they are making this decision at the very moment when their worldly success has peaked. Yes Jesus caused the peak. But they could have easily been like “Thanks for the fish. I guess you really wanted me to go and make all that money from these fish. Thanks for the financial support. I really needed it — especially since I had debt/need to buy X/insert worldly-focused-thing here.” They could have seen the miracle and interpreted it with a narrow lens.

But they didn’t have a narrow lens. They had the widest angle lens they possibly could have had in this situation. THEY DROPPED EVERYTHING and followed Jesus.

Wow. Can I take a bite of humble pie? I think I’d be like “Thanks for the fish, Jesus. I appreciate it.” And I’d completely miss out on the radical call that He is offering me. I’d be so blind and me-minded that I’d fail to see the bigger picture.

“It’s not about the fish, idiot!” I can hear smarter me screaming at dumber me. But all I see is the fish.

The saying goes, “You miss the forest for the trees”. May we never miss the Jesus for the fish. Amen.

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