Challenge Month: Day 15 (the ruin & rising)

Day 15 – September 15

Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

Side note: Entrance Antiphon Luke 2: 34-35 has the phrase “the ruin & rising”. That’s a good name for a blog or a CD.

Gospel Acclamation: Blessed are you, O Virgin Mary; without dying you won the martyr’s crown beneath the Cross of the Lord.

Couple that with the rest of the Entrance Antiphon about “your own soul a sword will pierce” and the deep suffering and love Mary showed was felt heavily on my heart today. Those are the words that I kept coming back to.

I have reflected on Mary’s suffering often so just a few thoughts from today…

Simeon prophesizes that its her soul that the sword will pierce. How must Mary have felt at those words? Such sorrow, yes, but also a sword to the soul? How deep is that wound? And this is why we venerate Mary so much. She was intertwined in Christ’s Passion so deeply that it was also her own. So the Gospel Acclamation is apropos though I’ve never thought of it in those words :: “without dying you won the martyr’s crown”.

Part of the mystery of the beauty and depth of Christ’s saving Passion was that it also required that Mary suffer so greatly. How great was Jesus’ love for us! How great was His Mother’s!

Mary, Queen of Heaven, Pray for us.

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