Challenge Month: Day 19 (focusing on myself)

Day 19 – September 19

In Mark 9: 30-37 Jesus tells his disciples that he will be handed over, killed, and rise after 3 days. But what are the disciples focused on? :: Who among themselves was the greatest.

I’ve never realized the oddness of that before. Here Jesus is revealing such deep truths, but instead of asking Jesus for more information since they did not understand Him they instead focused on themselves. They had an opportunity to go deeper; to learn such great depths of revelation. But instead they choose ignorance; they chose to ignore what they didn’t understand.

And promptly from their ignorance they divulged deeper into themselves. They could have learned so much beyond their present selves and lives, but instead they chose what they knew. And what did they know? Earthliness and worldliness. And what matters in the world? Whether or not you are “great”.

The discussion could have been “What did Jesus mean by that?” “What do you think he was telling us?” “Was that another parable or clear truth?”. But none of that happened.

“I am the greatest.” “No, I am the greatest.” “I am the greatest because XYZ.”.

How much am I like this?

How often do I do this?

How often do I read or listen to the Bible and ignore what Jesus is saying and just go right back to thoughts about myself and perceptions of others about me? Probably more often than I care to admit.

The Bible is an opportunity to listen to God’s Word. To hear it. To be absorbed in it. To try to understand it. To go deeper when I have questions. But do I ask my questions? Do I seek what is of above? Or do I “curve in on myself” and focus on me? Do I spend enough time on focusing on God and His message or the world’s?

I need to spend time and consider whether I am afraid to ask when I don’t understand; if I am afraid to pursue knowledge of the truth. Or if I am content to be in the world and focus on those worldly things which distract me so well.

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