Challenge Month: Day 20 (neighbors help)

Day 20 – September 20

“All their neighbors gave them help in every way” – Ezra 1: 1-6

The kind commanded people provide certain help, but people went above-and-beyond; providing “many precious gifts besides” those commanded.

Just thinking about the neighborhoods I know… Would people today help their neighbors similarly? If someone was told to do something maybe they’d do it, but would they stop there? Would they help a neighbor altruistically?

I like the sentiment. It makes me feel nostalgic.

I like to think I at least try to be a good neighbor. But do I help my neighbors in every way? Far from it. I need to do a better job.

Also, the Gospel Luke 8: 16-18 includes the phrase “Take care, then, how you hear.” The “how you hear” caught my attention. It isn’t that you listen. It isn’t that you hear. It is HOW you hear. Do you hear the real message? Do you hear the deeper meaning? Or do you just hear what you want to hear?

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