Challenge Month: Day 23 (a bag with holes in it)

Day 23 – September 23

First Reading from Haggai 1: 1-8 — “You have clothed yourselves, but have not been warmed. And whoever earned wages earned them for a bag with holes in it.”


I mean, that isn’t a particularly deep insight, but yeah – ouch. I’ve earned wages for a bag with holes in it.

Let that sink in.

Everything I’ve worked for is essentially for naught. I think I have but I have not. Because what I have is so inconsequential, meaningless, pointless. I am told to “Consider your ways!” — What are my ways? Are my ways for me and for the world? Is what I am doing so pointless and incorrectly focused? Am I working to fill a bag which cannot be filled?

I must “bring timber, and build the house” – and focus on the Lord. In the Lord’s house I receive His glory so why not focus on Him? He is my rightly-centered life. He is the proper focus. All else is like having a bag with holes in it — it may seem as though I am filling up my bag (with stuff, with X, with Y) but all the while it is seeping away and I can shove things into the bag yet it will not be filled for I am trying to fill it with things that are not Him.

I have considered my ways and they are lacking. I must reconsider my ways and make a change for His greater glory; for His greater good; for my Greater good. I must build a house of myself that the Lord can take pleasure in. And in being a place for Him it is the proper place for me.

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