Challenge Month: Day 24 (praying in solitude)

Day 24 – September 24

Luke 9: 18-22 “Jesus was praying in solitude, and the disciples were with him”

Frankly that line is confusing to me. Was he alone or with others? I’m not sure how you can pray in solitude with others there too.

But maybe my understanding of solitude is different?

I am curious if Jesus was able to find solitude and pray despite not actually being completely alone. I think there is a good lesson in there for me. Because I am someone who needs my “alone time” — which would mean solitary solitude– and I pray best in silence with only myself. So if Jesus could still pray well and in solitude but his solitude looks different from mine I’d just like to know what it looked like… Not something I can get an answer to, but just something that seemed incongruent and curious.

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