Challenge Month: Day 25 (praying for a miracle)

Day 25 – September 25

Entrance Antiphon: “Through the glorious intercession of Blessed Mary ever-Virgin, may we be set free from present sorrow and come to enjoy eternal happiness.”

Prayer over the Offerings: “Receive, O Lord, we ask, the prayers of your people with sacrificial offerings, that, through the intercession of Blessed Mary, the Mother of your Son, no petition may go unanswered, no request be made in vain. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

Someone I know has had stage 4 cancer for almost 2 years; diagnosed around Christmas 2019. She has been fighting it and making progress and then losing those gains and becoming sicker and sicker. Just recently she was informed she has weeks (or less) to live. She continues to fight. And everyone continues to pray for a miracle.

Please join us in praying for this miracle.

Mother Mary, we ask that you intercede for Amber so that she may be granted physical healing from her cancer. We ask for this healing through your most loving Immaculate Heart and your Son’s most blessed and Sacred Heart. May Amber be granted freedom from her present sorrow and we pray that if she cannot be set free and still live here on earth that you welcome her into your arms as she enters into eternal happiness with you, your Son, and Our Father in heaven. Amen.

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