DIY Mini Advent Wreath

DIY Mini Advent Wreath



  1. 4 Clothespins
  2. Pencil + Permanent Markers
  3. Garland Ties

Clothespins: Try to get the ones with an oblong/rounded top. I got mine via a common Big Box store.  Note the high-rounded top as seen here:


Permanent Markers: You’ll need dark purple, pink, orange, yellow. And a black fine tip one for the outline lines. Here were the ones I used:


Garland Ties: I picked up a 10 pack for $3 at the Red Circle store:



1. Take your pencil and sketch your candles onto the 4 clothespins. I put flames on both sides but another option is a flame on one side, plain wick on the other (so it looks like it isn’t lit yet – just turn around the clothespin candle when it is its week to be “lit”). Each will end up looking something like this:

DSC_0949     DSC_0950

2. Grab that fine tip black marker and trace your pencil outline:

DSC_0947      DSC_0948


3. Grab the permanent markers and start coloring. Make 3 clothespins purple and 1 clothespin pink. Color in the flames yellow with orange centers.


4. Grab a Garland Tie and twist it into a circle; twisting the ends together. Get a second garland tie and repeat, but add it to the first twisted tie. End result will be something like this:


5. Admire your cute Mini Advent Wreath supplies:


6. Place your clothespin candles on your wreath. The spacing and balance can be tricky but just adjust the candles as needed until you have a well-balanced and happy Mini Advent Wreath:



7. The hardest part is taking the candles off of the wreath and patiently waiting to add the candles one by one each Sunday.

Happy Advent!


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