Give Back Friday

I am addicted to shopping deals so needless to say Black Friday is a very great time of year — except for my wallet and except for an underlying desire to not be swallowed up by consumerism. I hate consumerism. Yet I believe I am the consummate consumer.

No deal will escape my grasp! So I say that my desire is anti-consumerism because if you judge by appearance I just fit right into the mold of a pro-consumer. So the plus side is I have the desire to be better — this is space for God to work in!

That is, God should really have all the space but given my ‘I do the evil which I do not wish to do’ (Romans 7:19) tendencies I am grateful for whatever amount of space I can squeeze out of myself and turn over to Him. (And I can only do that amount by God’s grace!)

Now I can’t say that I was successful at perfectly avoiding the Black Friday deals which have been out there all week. But I can say I did one intentional thing which distracted me from the time-suck, life-suck-ness that is online shopping and consuming. And that one thing was AMEN TO ACTION.

“Amen to Action” was the perfect opportunity to turn “Black Friday” intoGive Back Friday“.

It’s Goal: “JOIN US AS WE COME TOGETHER IN THE SPIRIT OF JESUS TO WORSHIP AND PACK ONE MILLION Meals of Hope FOR THE HUNGRY.” It seemed idealistic (But Hey – By all means, when striving strive for the ideal!) but also… Accommplishable?

Now I also can’t say I perfectly participated — as I made it only until 12:30. But in that time I worked alongside a very nice family from St. Alexis in Wexford and I scooped 6 boxes worth of macaroni noodles into bags that will become meals for people in need.

And knowing that my time was spent intentionally, and with the intentionality of doing good and bringing Love to the world — well, that definitely was time well spent.

Read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s coverage of the event (and watch a time-elapsed video) here:


A few quotes from a few of the presenters which stuck with me:

“Food for the Hungry. Love for the lost.”

“We can grow from a “What if” Faith to a “No matter what” Faith.”
Psalm 100 & Psalm 147




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